Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hello from MINI Club Russia!)))

Someone also celebrated 50 years in 2012)


Happy Birthday Baby! Lamborghini cars - 50 years anniversary

I am missing this brand a lot!(((the turbo one


Clubman Hampton - nice one!

Hmmmm - that's a funny stance)))


there it is!

it's on the way

My Baby-Bus

All of THEM

Real Coffe Tables


This D-Type is amazing! I saw it in Villa d'Este in Italy in may 2012. 

Hi there!

I guess it's a proper time to start this blog. The one, that is only for illustrations.I am now having a vacation time in Pforzheim, so what I am doing is sketching and illustrating))

Pencils, Markers or watercolors - it doesn't matter. There is nothing designed by me in this blog.

Every car, posted here at some particular period of time inspired me. I would like to share my inspiration with every visitor here.))